Monday, September 27, 2021

Bows Down

Most violinists and violists of normal adult size can balance their bows in their laps when asked to do so, but my short legs make it very difficult for me. In the case of a tall chair and a whole movement, like the Scherzo of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, it is impossible.

I don't feel comfortable wearing heels and carrying an instrument onto a stage, so the other day I developed a useful no-sew (and no shoe) solution. The components:
Two old black socks with the feet cut off
Two black hair ties
A few wine bottle corks (for heft)
I put the sock parts inside one another and cuffed them on either side. Then I inserted the corks, and bound the cuffed ends together with the hair ties. This is what the finished (and unnamed) tool looks like:
And here is how it works:

It only takes up a little room in my case:


Aaron said...

It's a lap-stop!

Elaine Fine said...

That is PERFECT!