Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mystery Composer, Mystery Piece

I found the only printed edition of this piece in the IMSLP. That edition has a separate part for the violin and a separate part for the keyboard, but no score. I am in the process of engraving it in Finale because I think it should be part of the repertoire, and in order for that to happen there needs to be a score.

Very few people have heard this piece (there have only been a handful of downloads of the IMSLP file), and only a relative handful of people have heard of this composer.

I'm curious to see what you, the faithful (or casual) reader of this blog, think. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Here's an audio link to the first movement and part of the second movement that I generated from a Finale file.

I will tell you the name of this composer in a few days, after I have finished the engraving.

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