Thursday, January 10, 2019

Exploring New Musical Worlds!

Since leaving Facebook I have been exploring new online musical worlds. As a result of my exploration I have found treasure troves of musical discussions through reddit. Some of those wise musicological voices that used to comment here in the blogosphere seem to have migrated to the classical music groups there. Reddit reminds me of the usergroups that I used to take part in before the blogosphere was invented.

I enjoy reading posts from young people, people new to "classical music," and people with questions that provoke interesting answers. It is, as far as I can tell, a "place" where discussion is both anonymous and civil. I'm still learning my way around this new way of using the internets.

I happened upon an intriguing subreddit today:

I love the repeat sign graphic in the upper lefthand corner, and if you look down at the bottom left you will see a sharp sign and a flat sign that replace the usual up arrow and down arrow (which allows users to anonymously up-vote or down-vote a post). Very clever. The name of the subreddit is also appropriate because it improves upon "100 days of practice" meme that young musicians use to keep themselves motivated.

Anyone learning to play an instrument knows that a mere hundred days of practicing is not going to get you very far on a journey towards proficiency. One thousand days of consistent practice is a healthy commitment.

(And a nice hello to anyone arriving at this blog through links I have put on reddit!)

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Bonny said...

Love your blog.

Reddit has a lot more "lurkers" or people who hide behind aliases and enjoy roasting others for no reason other than the sick pleasure of doing so. Still does offer a lot of discussion though.

FB has its sucky points, I agree, but it's an evolution, after all. I don't like the difficulty I have had with ads there myself but on the other hand using free posts here and there I built half my income in my studio by connecting with parents in need of a string teacher. So in the end I believe I've come out ahead and will keep on keeping on, wary though of purchased ads. Definitely a learning curve there.

Also it has been a great platform for keeping up with family overseas and students all over the world.