Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dual Screen Sheet Music Device!

Six years ago I made a post about what I would want in a music-reading tablet (I called it a "notebook"), and this proposed Gvido dual screen device seems to be the answer to my request!

My additional "wish list" item (that I would add to my wish list on the 2010 post that I linked to above) would be that the device could be used for PDF files of any kind, and that in order to use it you wouldn't be at the mercy of a music subscription service. I hope that this one will allow people to download music from free sources like the IMSLP.

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Anonymous said...

I’m using an iPad Pro with ForScore, and there’s no doubt that a 2 page display would be neat, but with the bluetooth page turning pedal, it’s not as important. ForScore allows you to upload any PDF of music, whether your own, or from IMSLP, or whatever… so maybe at this point it’s a case of which option is the most helpful?