Monday, December 14, 2015

Train Ride

Today would have been my brother Marshall's 59th birthday. Daniele Colombo (a person I do not know) made this recording of Marshall's 1988 "Train Ride," that I thought I would share here to celebrate. It really "sounds" like Marshall. Thank you Daniele!


Unknown said...

My thoughts and well wishes are for you as well as your family Elaine.

The day Marshall passed on is his new Birthday in Heaven. I imagine there was quite a commotion and celebration when he arrived! I can see in my mind's eye that there he is now having a ball under a beautiful blue sky, puffy white clouds, a double rainbow, soft emerald green grass with song birds flocking to him and there is Marshall there lifting his face and rejoicing at all around him as well as playing, composing, writing, and yes teaching.

I knew your brother in high school and was so fond of him. I can personally vouch for what a very kind person he was firsthand. Marshall will always be remembered affectionately by me and I am confident his other classmates.

Paul Pellay said...

This was the very first score Marshall showed me when we first met in Memphis in 1990 - we shared the same office at Memphis State. He remains the only true one-off I've ever encountered, the most loyal of friends, with a heart as big as a house. I still have a mental image of him making his way into Heaven, and Shostakovich comes over to give him a big handshake......