Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A Conversation with André Previn

I really enjoyed reading the transcript of Frank Oteri's July 31st conversation with André Previn (which includes Molly Sheridan's film--I'm not sure who did what). I also enjoyed reading No Minor Chords, Previn's 1991 memoir about his days in Hollywood (that you can buy used for 1 cent on Amazon).

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Frank J. Oteri said...

Hi Elaine,

Glad you enjoyed our talk with previn and thanks for the shout out. Just for clarification, for the Previn convo, I chatted with him and Molly recorded it (audio and video). When she talks to folks she records it herself. That level of multi-tasking is beyond me; in fact, often making sure the videorecorder is turned on is beyond me :)