Tuesday, September 08, 2015

A Film About Meadowmount From the 1960s

Perhaps we can all put our heads together and identify some of the musicians in this short film! Please send the link to this post to your friends in their 70s (contemporary with Itzhak Perlman, who is easy to identify) and 80s (I will too). Put your identifications in the comments, and make sure to give the time location in the film. Ready, set, go!

UPDATE: I have some identifications! The "headless" coach is Josef Gingold. James Buswell is the first violinist in the quartet (the one with THE BOW ARM), and Sarah Johnson (sister of BJ Johnson) is the violinist playing the Mendelssohn.

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Elaine Fine said...

From Sydney Manowitz who took part in Meadowmount summer schools in 1960 and 1963 as a violin student, and remembers the film being created.

0.38--Kyung Wha Chung [nickname at Meadm.--"cookie" Playing beautifully. Veracini sonata in E minor finale, one of the youngest there.
3.48--Myung Wha Chung cellist

4.01---Donald Weilerstein became 1st vln Cleveland Quartet
4.08--- Schmuel Ashkenasi Israeli violinist became 1st vln Vermeer Quartet recorded Pag.vln concert no.1
8.12--"Pinky" Zukerman standing back, seen briefly between two dancers in white.He has hand on hips ,wearing black tie
8.41 Audience member 3rd from rt 2nd row-- Oliver Steiner -student of Dorothy Delay -became teacher at Eastman and later at a University in Atlanta
8.41 Audience member 4th from rt 2nd row-- Sydney Mann -student of Mr.G. -became Concertmaster of Southern Sinfonia,[now named Dunedin Symphony Orchestra]
9.08 very young Korean violinist 2nd vln in Quintet---, Young Uck Kim
9.19 On left of screen playing 1st violin--- James [Jaimy"] Buswell playing 1st violin in Quintet