Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gilligan's Hamlet

These were the original words as far as I was concerned, because it was on Gilligan's Island more than 40 years ago that I heard these melodies for the first time. I saw this episode only once and somehow all the words have remained vividly etched in my brain (though the images were only in black and white). I had no idea what Hamlet was, or why this would be parody. I thought it was just a nice treat for those of us who faithfully watched the show.


Michael Leddy said...


What is Bilko doing on the island?

Elaine Fine said...

He was a Broadway producer. The castaways thought that he would take them off the island and send them to Broadway. The Howells, of course, had records and costumes. I believe the professor was the director which why is he didn't have a singing part.

Marc said...

I just discovered your blog via comments you made at Bryan Townsend's The Music Salon a couple of years ago (guess which mandolinist playing Bach was on Performance Today this morning?).

This is an episode of Gilligan I've never seen, and if I'd been asked I would have said I've seen them all, ha; is it possible, I wonder, that this wasn't put into syndication for reruns for some reason? While I don't watch television these days, if I thought any producers and writers were incorporating such creative glosses on the masterpieces of the Western canon into their work I might reconsider my choice.

Look forward to reading in your blog!

Elaine Fine said...

I'm honored to be your guide to culture on the Island! If only the castaways had more chances like this. I wasted hours upon hours of my childhood waiting for this episode to air again. We must have been watching the same (incomplete) loop of reruns.