Saturday, February 07, 2015

Ten Years of Making Musical Assumptions

I started this blog on February 7, 2005. As I look back at 2005, I feel proud of the way I started, and as I look back at the 2006 posts I have made through the decade, I'm proud of the way I have continued.

I wanted this blog to be a commercial-free space, and it has remained one. I wanted this blog to serve as a resource for people curious about specific aspects of music, and it has been. I'm pretty lousy about doing the kind of "business" that composers need to do in order for musicians to become familiar with their music, but people have become familiar with the music I have written through this blog and through my Thematic Catalog blog, which I started in June of 2006.

Since beginning this blog I have become less of a luddite. I now have an iPod, even though I announced that I was not a "pod person" several years back. I participate in Facebook occasionally, even though I never thought I would (I even considered Facebook the enemy of bloggery). I'm even sharing this post there.

I love the idea of sharing information, observations, and commentary without having "strings" attached (editors and money being the longest and strongest), and I plan to continue participating in my corner of the musical blogosphere as long as I am able.

Thank you to all my readers unknown and known, and a big thanks to Michael, who serves as an inspiration for all bloggers, near and far.


Rachel said...

Yay for continuing to learn and grow! We are so proud of you and happy you share your thoughts with all. We are the lucky ones!

Michael Leddy said...

Aww, or Sheesh.

Your enthusiasm and your honesty are good examples for anyone who writes.

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...


So many have fallen away - but you, Bob Shingleton, Alex Ross, Terry Teachout, and Kyle Gann have kept posting through thick and thin.

Thanks for all your efforts.

The Crow said...

Happy anniversary, Elaine! I wish you many more years of blogging.

Robert said...

Congratulations. I'm still reading even if the blogosphere has disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Yay Mom!


Kevin said...

Without your blog, I wouldn't have discovered your music! Happy Blogiversary!