Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Totally Distracted!

With our daughter's wedding coming up this weekend (is it time to go yet?), Michael and I are both totally distracted. Somehow listening to this fabulous recording from 1967 of Anshel Brusilow conducting the Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia in Haydn's Symphony 60, "Il Distratto," is excellent medicine.

If you are new to this piece (and don't know what to expect) make sure to listen all the way through the last movement. Surprise and delight await at every turn.

Here's a roster of the orchestra from 1966:


Lisa Hirsch said...

Wait, wait, how can your daughter be getting married? I thought she was around 18.

Stuart Canin! Who has been a concertmaster all over the west coast in the last 45 years! (Well, largely retired now.)

Elaine Fine said...

She's 27!

Lisa Hirsch said...

I still think it's 2004. :)