Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nothing New and Everything New

One of my astrology-minded friends attributes the recent changes in my life to conjunctions happening in the zodiac band. I'm not sure that is the best explanation for two of my long-time local friends independently deciding to nominate me for two different local awards. One is a "Woman of Achievement" award given annually by the Women's Studies Program at the local university, and the other is a Jefferson Award, which is something given for community service to people all over the country.

I feel rather shy about this embarrassment of recognition, but I also feel honored to be recognized in the community where I live for the contributions I make to the larger musical community. It does please me that people in the university community and in the greater local community recognize that musical contributions are indeed something of value.

The musical blogosphere may be slowing down, but even the small towns of Illinois, music (the "classical" kind) is still considered vital, even by people who don't necessarily go to concerts.

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