Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Some of What I Learned in 2013

I learned how to use my bow.
I learned how to play double stops confidently and comfortably.
I learned that I love to play the piano.
I learned that playing the piano can help my violin playing and my viola playing.
I learned to love Mozart and Haydn in totally new ways.
I learned that Facebook isn't all that bad. It fills a need in a fragmented world.
I learned that blogging no longer has the community feeling it once had.
I learned that in spite of the lack of community feeling, there are people who appreciate what I write here.
I learned that there are also people who enjoy playing the music I write.
I learned that things I do like can change.
I learned that things I don't like can change for the better.
I learned that it really doesn't matter.


wapolo said...

Happy New Year,Elaine!
I definitely enjoy reading your blog and look forward to continuing to read your posts in 2014.

All the best,

Chris Foley said...

Yes, I would agree that classical music blogging doesn't have the community feel that it once had. It's somewhat there, but it's just...different. The audience is more diffuse, on Twitter, Facebook, and Flipboard. Links from other bloggers are few and far between these days. Finding new readers is always a new and interesting challenge.

Have a great 2014 and keep up the great work, Elaine!

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I just want you to know that you've got a fan down here in Madison, Alabama. I first encountered your blog early this year (somehow I got to a charming salon music video that you posted), and I've checked in almost daily since then. Your comments are always interesting, and I enjoy your take on things. I played the accordion for five years as a youngster and then played the baritone in the high school band. I've loved classical music (actually, all kinds of music) since any early age. A Happy New Year to you! By the way, I'm on Facebook, in case you want to see who I am. A Happy New Year to you! Rainer Klauss

Anonymous said...

Elaine, I apologize for not proofreading the preceding comment. I'm chagrined at the mistakes and duplication. Rainer Klauss

Anonymous said...


I also came across your blog a few months ago and have been dropping in from time to time. I was initially looking for material on microtonal music, intonation systems and the like so my head is now spinning as I get to grips with quarter comma meantones and the like - as a recorder 'player' it didn't occur to me that playing in tune was actually an issue, ahem....
Anyway, thanks for your interesting posts and all the best for the coming years 2014!