Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doing Something to Help

This was an interesting day for me. It began with a Moyers & Company podcast interview with Sandra Steingraber about her fight with the "authorities" (a.k.a. the law) concerning the environmental dangers associated with fracking. I came home with a heightened respect for civil disobedience.

After my walk, I talked with my mother who has just come through a situation involving her legal right to have a ramp remain attached to her building. The law states firmly that if a person with a disability needs equipment to make it possible for him or her to enter his or her home, that person has a right to install it (or in my mother's case have it remain in place).

My mother said that this episode reminded her that her youth was well spent. When she was young (i.e. my age), she worked for an organization dedicated to claiming rights for people with disabilities. She went to a lot of sit-ins and engaged in a respectable amount of civil disobedience. Her activism caused laws like the one cited by her lawyer to be put in place.

We are faced with some really difficult problems in our corporately-controlled world, and if we all don't do something to fight the injustices (and in Sandra Steingraber's case, the toxins) that threaten us in more ways than we can imagine, there's no hope for the future.

I'm sharing the above link, and I'm also sharing this video from Mayors Against Illegal Guns because I can. Please share it with your friends.

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