Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Vulnerability is our Most Accurate Measurement of Courage"

This is from Brené Brown's TED talk about vulnerability and shame. What she has to say is well worth paying attention to and taking to heart, particularly if you, like me and like most relatively sane people, have occasional bouts of vulnerability.

Brené Brown hits several nails squarely on the head. She answered many of my innermost questions about why I do what I do. I always feel vulnerable when I write music, and I always feel vulnerable when I play concerts, but I really need to both play and write because getting from "want" to the other side of "can't" is one of the things that I feel makes my life worth living.

Brené Brown really opened up my eyes today. I hope her talk opens up your eyes too (whoever and wherever you may be).

Speaking of concerts, I'm playing one this coming Thursday: Music for violin, viola, and piano (in various combinations) by Poulenc, Vierne, and Jongen, featuring a performance with narrator of Francis Poulenc's Histoire de Babar.

Here's an announcement. If you happen to be in the area, please come! Admission is free, parking is ample, and you might just win a free Babar book at the end of the concert.

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Anonymous said...

Best wished for your concert. We are simply to far away to attend. as to "vulnerability" and "shame" I confess utter confusion, for I feel neither in the context of composing, arranging or performing. Perhaps it is a matter of perspective, but the assumption that Ms. Brown's analysis apply to all might be fallacious. The vocabulary of social sciences seems to be waddling everywhere, and somehow scribbling a tune or blowing a horn just doesn't seem to me to be up their alley, even if they congratulate themselves in talking about creativity. Creativity seems more just like "do it." Courage? That too seems afield from a staff, bar lines, notes and phrases. My music doesn't pretend to analysis social science. Perhaps social science has just gotten a little big for its non-musical britches? Just a thought. But you who step out onto the stage show a courage beyond a chat for TED. Give 'em heck! And play like a goddess.