Monday, December 10, 2012

Young Musicians in Paraguay

These young musicians are playing instruments made from recycled oil cans, scrap wood, buttons, forks, and other bits of trash you can find in a landfill, hence the clever name "Landfill Harmonic." The young musicians in this video have learned to play using conventional instruments, and the string players use wooden bows, but they are promoting the idea of making the working parts of their instruments out of materials at hand, and teaching others how to do so in order to make music making (the "classical kind") possible in areas where creativity and the need for self expression (both personal and collective) and beauty far outweigh any kind of material wealth.

Their 12-minute video is well worth 12 minutes of your time (or more if, like me, you watch it multiple times).

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Kenneth Goodenough said...

Very nice, thanks for the video.