Monday, June 11, 2012

Tuba Sonata: Under Construction

[From a photo by spcbrass]

I have been a bit quiet (at least blog-wise) these days because I have been most of my time at the computer at work on a Tuba Sonata for my friend Chris Dickey. I am having, pardon the expression, a blast.

I do have a non-tuba-related thought to collectively ponder, however. If I am inspired to quote a measure of music directly from another composer, and that measure is a very famous grand pause, can that silent measure be interpreted as a direct quotation?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Of course.

Sean said...

I suppose it depends on its character: if it's a German silence, well then it's more structural. If it's a French silence, of course it's more ornamental.

[A paraphrased joke of Glenn Gould's making.]

Anonymous said...

To bah or not to bah,
That is the quest to shun....

--Monsieur l'Anonyme II