Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Epilogue Fermata

UPDATE: OK. I'm calling it a Fermata, but I'll spare you the details, and will write when I have something positive to say about the state of my world--musical and otherwise.

I have decided to write a final post for take a hiatus from Musical Assumptions. I began this blog with the hope of having some kind of interaction with a greater musical community, but I feel that I have arrived at a point where I need to stop adding to the din. I will keep Musical Assumptions on line with the hope that some of the 1,301 posts (!!!) I have written during the past six and a half years (!!!) will mean something to someone.

I will continue to update my thematic catalog, and hope to spend my non-practicing time writing some worthwhile music rather than running the risk of repeating myself in public prose. I'm always happy to engage in private e-mail correspondence, by the way. One-on-one conversation, whether through writing or talking, is my favorite way of communicating.

Thanks for reading!


The Wistful Pelleastrian said...

Elaine, please don't leave us... I enjoy much of your commentary.

Din? What 'din'?

Why do you need to stop? Post an entry whenever you feel like it, simple as that.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps an odd view for your many blog fans but....

Go compose, go compose some more, and go compose a lot more. Go practice and play, go practice and play a lot, and go practice and play a whole lot more.

The funny thing about blogs in general -- of which your has been definitely the "cut above" -- is that music is best sung out into the world in performance, and new music is best spun out into the world by dreaming it.

Writing and posting blogs is not holding that viola or viola da gamba in your hands, not confronting the blank five lines with ideas which only notation can corral.

Good luck in your continuing world of much and more musical inventions. Frog in hand, pencil between the fingers, I hear music in an oncoming rush. Go girl!

Susan Scheid said...

Go forth, then, and compose! All good wishes,


Gaby said...

I have been reading your posts...a little embarrassed that as a fellow blogger, I haven't been very good at leaving comments, and I know how frustrating that can be after putting a lot of thought into a post!

Hope you don't leave, but if you do, it's understandable...I've thought about it many times myself.

Marjorie Talvi said...

Epilogue??? How about fermata? Although I'm not a regular commentator, I can tell you that I check your blog frequently, as I learn so much from you. I can't imagine an end to this journey. No, no, no...!

When one writes as well as you do, and shares such vast amount of knowledge, it is a gift to humanity. Take your time with the caesura, but please continue.

We love you!
PS - The David Wiebe violins are exceptionally beautiful. We will finally perform them while playing your lovely duos.

Robert Gable said...

Thanks for blogging!

peregrine said...


I hope you will return to Musical Assumptions if it feels right for you. As you and I discussed recently, sometimes a change or even a short break is a good thing. Though I do not comment often, I read every one of your posts, and often return to read them again. I have learned a great deal and been inspired in ways that might surprise you. Your essays on practicing and how you think about your progress have been a strong influence for the good.

It's too bad that the online world - even the online world of classical music - often seems more interested in scandal, sensation, and controversy than it does in thoughtful explorations of ideas and experiences.

I'll keep an eye on Musical Assumptions in my RSS feed, as I do every day.

Best to you, Elaine.


Anonymous said...

But I only discovered you recently!
Be well. I look forward to your return.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed your posts so much and I've learned a lot. Please write again whenever you can. I'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Me too! I am a faithful reader and follower. I will miss your new posts, but look forward to hearing your new music. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is a friendly, interesting guide to 400+ years of music. It's far from repetitive: on the contrary I'm always surprised by the freshness of your thinking, and the breadth of your musical interests and reference points. The blog always makes me think, and often makes me want to listen. I stumbled upon it early this year while trying to get to grips with a Beethoven Quartet, and since then have followed it regularly - I'd miss it if you stopped. I don't think there's a substitute.

Richard - London