Friday, April 22, 2011

Ruggiero Ricci Encores: Bach, Paganini, and Tarrega-Ricci

In preparation for writing a blog post about a Jascha Heifetz Society 4-DVD set of concerts played by Ruggiero Ricci (his last performance of music for unaccompanied violin), Aaron Rosand, Sherry Kloss, and Erick Friedman, I have been gawking at Ruggiero Ricci as a younger man.

He gave three encores when he played in Florence in 1985. Here's the first and the second:

and here's his third:

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Gallipoli717 said...

Isn't he wonderful. I posted those clips on Youtube. We celebrated Maestro's 93rd birthday this July. He is getting up there in age. I have more clips! Just need to post them...found them in his private collection of videos made by his wife Julia. I'm glad you appreciate what an extraordinary violinist he is.