Sunday, March 06, 2011

David Munrow: Must-Hear Early Early Music on YouTube

For people who have heard David Munrow but have never seen him, here's a 14-minute film of Munrow and his fellow early music pioneers. The bagpipes at the beginning are really something, but the Saltarello at 6:35 is "something else" entirely. After some restrained quiet playing (by other people in the Early Music Consort of London) the insanity continues at 9:35 with a double pipe of some sort, followed by another kind of bagpipe, and the film ends with some wild and frenzied recorder playing.

After the Medieval madness, check out the Early Music Consort of London's film of Elizabethan music, their film of early 17th-century Italian music, and their film of 17th-century German music.

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