Monday, December 20, 2010

This again?

Read it (or just skim it) and groan loudly.

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Anonymous said...

"Classical music" and "cool" do not belong in similar categories of thought, except for the ardent non-classcist who is stuck trying to market classical music. Raise up a child into culture, and the adult will be a member if not master of and in said culture. Raise up a child to think "cool" is a value decision, and it is likely the adult spawned will favor "cool" over "classical" every time, and not arrive at "classical" through "cool."

This seems as true for literature and poetry, "difficult" drama and prose, hard science and in-depth research, and other elements of culture. Somehow "cool" just isn't as cool as it seems, as I see it. Rather, it is a dull and relatively useless tool, passe and much like a jack hammer expecting to do microsurgery.

The Denver Post isn't cool. Dudamel isn't cool either, as I see it, but there is the pretense of cool. This is called marketing. Or jack hammers.

Your disdain for "cool" music criticsm is warranted. Keep it up!