Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memorandum from the War Department, March 1, 1943

. . . Try to omit nothing; duplicate to your heart's content. Express if you can - realistically or symbolically - the essence and spirit of war. You may be guided by Blake's mysticism, by Goya's cynicism and savagery, by Delecroix's romanticism, by Daumier's humanity and tenderness; or better still follow your own inevitable star. We believe that our Army Command is giving you an opportunity to bring back a record of great value to our country. Our Committee wants to assist you to that end.
My Great Uncle Aaron Bohrod was one of a group of artists sent to Europe to draw and paint images of the war in progress for Life. Here's a link to a photograph of the mimeographed letter sent to the artists from George Biddle of the War Department.

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