Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Doesn't This Ever Happen in My Grocery Store?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I found it sort of sad not to mention corny. Having been to too many of the Italian "singing waiter" restaurants where folks who are wishing very hard for an opera career sing for similar "bravos." The game then ends, and everyone goes home. I wonder how many non-opera goers in the video saw this and went out to buy a ticket. Precious few I suspect. As a string player, imagine playing sonatas and quartets in your local supermarket. Would you feel as if you'd reached a target audience, or just blown an afternoon? Would you advertise your own recital by playing excerpts in a local store?

Elaine Fine said...

At least people were listening! If I were in a string quartet playing Beethoven in the produce section, people would probably giggle nervously and walk away. If there were an open case or a hat, they might throw money, and then walk away. Most people would try their best not to pay attention, and some would simply raise their voices while talking into their cell phones.

One or two people might listen in the course of an afternoon, which would represent the target audience in general demographic terms in my town. The afternoon wouldn't be wasted because we would have gotten the chance to play Beethoven, and one or two people would have enjoyed listening.