Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Sad: An Aside

This 10 minute video "documentary" taken in Washington D.C. during the recent anti-u-name-it rally, shows the poor education level of the adults who showed up. It is tragic, actually. It's even more tragic than the messages these people have on their signs.

After a decent health care plan gets passed, we have to do something about education, and we have to do it soon. We can't afford to have another generation with any significant percentage of adults as under-educated as the people in this video. It is very clear that these people have been terribly manipulated by powerful entities (corporate as well as religious) that take advantage of their low level of education. I imagine that the powerful entities have serious contempt for these people outside of their use for them as "the base" or a "voting body." These people would be better served to direct their anger towards the people who are trying to (and succeeding to) manipulate them, fuel their deepest fears, and feed them misinformation to repeat and distribute on line.

These people have fallen prey to the ravings of lunatics who dominate certain areas of the airwaves and cable television. I'm sure that many of them mean well, but they appear not to be educated enough to separate reason from propaganda. Many of these people only came to this event because "big brother" on their television told them that they needed to go to Washington on the day after September 11th to voice their anger. That's all they know. That's all many of them need to know. It is terribly sad.

Thank you to Chase Whiteside and Erick Stoll for taking the time and energy to film this.

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