Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yes, I do this for my health

I keep a blog about music so that people who do what I do might be able to find some kind of community in a world that is largely unmusical. I keep this blog for my mental and musical health, and certainly not for any kind of economic gain. I like to think of it as a model for the way I wish the world could be: a place where I can express myself, and, if I am fortunate, can participate in some kind of discourse concerning the things that are very important to me. I usually write about music, but once in a while I get distracted by the goings on in the non-musical world, especially when they concern things just as important to me as music, like truth.

I'm completely fed up with the way special interest groups (i.e. the small number of people who benefit financially from the current American health care system) are trying to hoodwink and manipulate people who may not keep themselves properly informed. Please share this link with everyone you know, especially with friends who might be easily manipulated by corporate entities and extensions of corporate entities that have anything but the interests in the American people in mind.

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