Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PBS The Music Instinct

From all the people who have worked so hard (like Oliver Sacks and Daniel Levitan) over the past few years to figure out how music affects the brain, The Music Instinct is an absolutely fascinating program. It addresses, by way of all kinds of scientists and sciences (even string theory), the evolutionary role of music as shown in the physiological record of Neanderthals, the musical life of birds, and the ever-present existence of musical vibration in the universe.

I am so grateful to have seen this program, particularly since these very smart scientists discuss concepts that I have pondered for most of my life in scientific terms and with practical applications. There is also some fantastic Beethoven played by Daniel Barenboim, and a surprise performance by the doctor who fell in love with the piano after getting struck by lightning.

I'm certainly getting a copy to show to my classes (and to share with my family).

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