Monday, May 11, 2009

Live Long and Practice

I must confess. I loved the new Star Trek movie, just as I loved the original Star Trek series. While the iron is hot, I thought I'd share one sneaky way of getting young people (or beginning violinists of all ages) to remember how to play the whole step between C-natural and D-natural on the A string, the whole step between F-natural and G-natural on the D string, and the whole step between G natural and A natural on the E string in first position, while keeping the first finger down (a half-step below the second). Like making the hand symbol for "Live Long and Prosper," it is accomplished by a lot of practice.


T. said...

i LOVED the movie too!

My husband can't make the "live long and prosper" sign, try as he might. :(

Anonymous said...

yeah but it totally messed up the series and set it too make more because start Trek had very little more to do

But yay
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