Friday, January 02, 2009

Parataxis 2008, or The Year in Twelve Sentences

I enjoyed Michael's take on Robert Gable's ordered list meme (applying the poetic device of parataxis to the blogging year) so much that I thought I'd try it myself. Here's my composition:

Daniel Wolf has put together a nifty Winter Album of twelve (and maybe more) piano pieces that incorporate a great range of compositional techniques. Scott Spiegelberg found this wonderful clip that is sure to make you smile. My grandmother kept magazines like this April 30, 1945 Life magazine on her coffee table. Thanks to Anne for this! And music criticism of unusual quality.

I made some arrangements of two chestnuts of secular Medieval Music for the Darkwood Consort a while ago, and thought I'd share them here. You'll see (and hear) why Colin Muset's When I See Winter Return and the Lamento di Tristano (by an unknown composer) have been around for centuries. There's a post over at Anesthesioboist that has a lively discussion about what people (mostly MDs, it seems) would like to do as alternative professions.

Yup. I must have a great deal of resilience. I got the chance to blow the shofar this Rosh Hashana. Jennifer Paull appreciates the benefits of musical synaesthesia while having an MRI: You could knock me over with a feather right now.

Serendipity in action: My grandmother (the one with the Life magazines on her coffee table) happened to be named Anne. "Thanks to Anne!" expressed thanks to another Anne who sent me the Erhu video. What a nifty way to wrap up the old blogging year and ring in the new one! Thanks for the fun Rob and Michael!

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