Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rite of Spring and Petrushka

These films of two of Stravinsky's superb ballets are just too good to only share with the students (and assorted other people) who go to my class blog, so I'm linking to them here: The Rite of Spring is performed by the Joffery Ballet with the original Nijinsky choreography, and Petrushka is performed by the Bolshoi Ballet.

Rite of Spring, Part 1
Rite of Spring, Part 2
Rite of Spring, Part 3

Petrushka, Part 1
Petrushka, Part 2
Petrushka, Part 3
Petrushka, Part 4

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T. said...

Thank you for sharing these! In another life (my increasingly remote earlier youth) I was a student at the Joffrey Ballet School, so it was great for me to see these dancers again.

Have you seen Michael Tilson Thomas's PBS program on this work? The retelling of that fateful opening night was riveting!

Stan Haskins said...

Thanks so much for linking to this - I've always wanted to see the original choreography for the Rites.