Monday, July 16, 2007

The Food of Knowledge

My family is surprised to see me watching television this summer, and even more surprised (well, not my daughter--she's my partner in "crime") that I would look forward to a television show at a particular time during prime time (which is usually prime time for me to practice). I have been hooked on the Next Food Network Star program, and have really been enjoying the intelligence that the judges show in commenting on the cooking and communication skills of the finalists. Last night there was a little television drama: the finalist who is clearly the best--her name is Amy Finley, and she is kind of like a Californian Julia Child--was let go, and the two finalists that remained were clearly not on her level. After the next commercial break we find out that JAG, guy who cooks Latino food who burned his chicken in a previous episode (setting off the smoke alarm), lied about his education and his military service (he was let out of the Marines after 8 months and never graduated from cooking school). After learning that he had been found out, he removed himself from the competition on camera. I have been enjoying the blogging buzz a great deal, especially because so many people feel exactly the same way I do about Amy.

Don't you think that the Food Network producers knew about this JAG scandal before eliminating the divine Amy? Don't you think that they were pulling on America's apron strings when they brought her back? Of course they did. It made for excellent television.

Anyway, I read on Amy's profile that her favorite food is eggplant, and I would be thrilled to learn how to cook eggplant (and anything else) from watching her show. The winner will be determined American Idol style, but you can go to the Food Network website and vote every day (but only once) if you want. I voted for Amy yesterday (I have never done this before), and I'm planning to vote again today.

It seems that the television-watching population who has had a great education in understanding the Intricacies of sports, is now getting a great food education. There is something on that Food Network for everyone. Once in a while there is even a vegan recipe or something that can be veganized. You can learn to make food that ranges from heart-attack rich to extremely light. You can learn food history and food chemistry, and you can learn where to get great food in cities all across the country.

Now we need to let all those people who love food and wine that the perfect compliment to their parties would be to hire musicians to play. Wait. There is a Food Network show that does that!


h said...

Julia Child is doing cartwheels in her grave over the comparison to Amy.

Lisa Hirsch said...

"Kind of like a Californian Julia Child"? Child was born and raised in Pasadena.

Elaine Fine said...

I should have known that! I grew up watching her show in Boston. I guess that California is just a breeding ground for the ultimate in classy cooks!

Yes, the Food Network has been on all day, and it is currently 3:54:20 before the grand finale!