Monday, May 28, 2007

Speaking of Film Composers

Terry Teachout's challenge to find significant comedy film scores for Hollywood movies has really been bothering me. Chaplin's City Lights is the only comedy movie score that compares with the the dramatic film scores that I love.

This challenge led me to the Film Score Monthly Poll Archive where I was unable to find much more about high-quality comedy film scores, but I was able to find out some odd poll results. A poll that asks "Who is your favorite female film or TV composer" comes out with Wendy Carlos (!) as the overall favorite, and very few other choices. (Didn't she write the score for A Clockwork Orange when she was Walter Carlos?).

Here's the poll result for comedy film scores. These are just two of 215 polls about film music. I could spend far too much time looking at all the poll results.

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