Monday, April 09, 2007

More Musical Uses for Index Cards

Happy Birthday to me! Actually, my birthday is still a few weeks away, but Michael gave me an early present: a Noligraph music writing pen.

I still have a bit of a learning curve (no pun intended, really) as far as writing straight staff lines is concerned, but I thought I'd share the use of index cards for Fux counterpoint exercises. This one is for second species. Eleven measures fits perfectly on an index card. The reverse side has the same cantus firmus in the other voice.

I can work on my counterpoint in pencil and erase it when I'm done. It is also the perfect size to use at the piano. The possibilities for fun with these tools are limitless. Thanks Michael!

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Mystielily said...

that's brilliant!!! no more 2 inches long, crooked staves that are drawn with the side of a credit card!

Liz said...

That's amazing!....did he get it in NYC? Or somewhere else in N. America?

Elaine Fine said...

You can only get it by mail from Germany. It did, however, get here more than a week earlier than expected (hence the early birthday present...who could wait?).

Maricello said...

Nice to see that there are musical uses of index cards! I used to actually use shoeboxes full of index cards to write indexes for books, back in the days before computers.

Much as I love the concept of using staff pens and index cards, have you thought about printing staffs on cards with a computer?

Elaine Fine said...

I have thought about it, but my printer (not to mention my lack of skill with the printer) makes it impossible to do.

rattus said...

May I ask what a Counterpoint is? Google reveals nothing to me for this search... I picture something akin a musician's version of an etch-a-sketch?

Thank you! Kim

Elaine Fine said...

Wikipedia has a good article on counterpoint that should clear up your questions.

Gerard said...

Hello Elaine,
Thanks for the info about the Noligraph. What about refills?

Also, you might find my counterpoint tutorial Java applets useful for your students.

Gerard McConnell

Elaine Fine said...

I imagine that, since the pen heads are ball points, a standard ballpoint refill will work. I haven't had to try . . . yet!