Monday, June 06, 2011

Playing tracks in order on the iPod Nano 6th Generation

When I first got my iPod 6th Generation Nano, the one that looks like this, everything went smoothly for a while. Suddenly (and probably after an iTunes update), none of my playlists would play in order. I tried everything I could think of--numbering tracks, playing recordings as "albums," making sure to "unshuffle"--but nothing worked. Finally (with the help of Michael) I found a solution, which I will share here.

Here's what I did to solve the problem.

I turned the "shake to shuffle" feature off. (You find this in "music" on the iPod). Then I went to "settings" and reset the iPod a few times.

Then I went into iTunes and did a right click on the playlist in question. I chose "Copy to Play Order." I did it with all my playlists, and synched my iPod. Everything seems to be fine now, but I have to re-do "Copy to Play Order" every time I use the button on the top of the iPod to reset it. The default seems to be set not to play playlists in order. Perhaps the programmers at iTunes can fix this one of these days.


Kate Harper said...

I've been trying to solve this problem for 6 months. Thanks for the tips. I cannot believe something so simple would have been ignored by the programmers. I listen to audio books, so you can imagine my frustration -- since they need to be in a certain order.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! It was so annoying and I couldn't figure out why my songs weren't playing in sequence since I did not engage the shuffle feature.Thank you for sharing a fix.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Apple Support that helps to resolve this issue:

Charlynn said...

Once you tell it to shuffle anything it stays in shuffle until you change the shuffle symbol to gray again. When an album cover is on your screen, tap the album cover and swipe left. You will see symbols for Repeat, Genius, and Shuffle. Tap the shuffle symbol and it will change from blue to gray and your songs will play in order. I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much!
Your solution worked a treat!
Unfortunately, a couple of days late for me: I created a playlist of anthemic songs to spur me on running a half marathon, but no matter what I tried, couldn't get the ipod to play them in the order I'd set.
Although I didn't get the soundtrack I'd planned, I still got a personal best with my time!
At least now I know how to fix it, so it doesn't happen again!
Thank you!

Regina said...

Thank you! I have a 5th generation Nano and this worked for me too. I've been living in "random" mode for months and couldn't figure out the problem.

hellebelle said...

thanks charlynn, such a simple solution to a problem that was driving me completely batty!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a Million this was so annoying and now its sorted!

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking the time to provide this help! trying to learn a language and the shuffle certainly wasn't helping! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you. I was struggling to find the repeat all.

Nice screen shot. Bela Bartok! I am a metal fan and love Bartok!

Anonymous said...

Another user saved from insanity by Charlynn's post...Thank you!

You'd think this function would be found under Settings, wouldn't you? But that would be too easy.

So much for "it just works" simplicity!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! You saved my boyfriend from throwing his nano and the computer out the window! :)